01/ the hackathon

__Discover the hackathon

01/ the hackathon

__Discover the hackathon

As a student in your final year, you are at a major crossroads in your life. A brand new professional identity lies ahead. Hack The Future is an experience-driven hackathon for both IT and creative students and is the ultimate opportunity for you to get a taste of the inspiring jobs that await you!

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About the hackathon

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About the hackathon

For six years in a row, we organised Hack The Future at a unique location. In previous editions, we welcomed creative and IT students to complete their challenge in one day. Every year, we want to take the hackathon to the next level by creating a unique theme to provide an immersive experience for all students and companies.

You can find all pictures of previous challenges on our facebook and instagram page.

Hack The Future 2021 To be announced.

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Hack The Future wants to introduce students to young and innovative companies. As an organisation, we aim to strengthen the relationship between educational institutions and the professional field.

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On the lookout for gifted interns? Do you want to hire exceptional talent? Spot the best creative masterminds & hardcore hackers at Hack the Future.

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