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fellowship of design

One design to rule them all

One night a young creative ventured too far… Lost in the most inspiring archives of the digital realm, he stumbled upon “the design”. Entranced by its beauty he claimed it as his own and clicked ‘share’. And in his ignorance, awakened an ancient evil.

Creatives from all corners of the kingdom - Unite! We must defend our digital realm from the Witch of Shadows and her Army of Darkness. Together they desire only one thing - To destroy every single website and shroud the entire internet in an everlasting 404. We must act now, the enemy is ready, her full strength gathered. Foul viruses enhanced by twisted sorcery are spreading our way.

Fellowship of Design - This evil must be stopped. The design must be destroyed. Join us and play your part in the greatest battle of the digital age.

one design to rule them all

02/online hackathon

Defend the realm from darkness

From the comfort of your home!

Fellowship of Design - To further destabilize our defences The Witch of Shadows unleashed a biological virus onto our world. Due to these circumstances we are forced to make our final stand from the comfort of our homes. We have worked around the clock to set up a state-of-the-art digital headquarter from which we will organise our defence and follow up on your challenge progress. A secure link will be sent to you after registration. On the 20th of April we will go live and supply you with a briefing of the day. From here we will have exactly 6 hours to “hack” the enemy to pieces and complete our missions. Check out the schedule for more details!

To help turn the tables, we have reached out to the industry’s most decorated warriors, master hackers with the expertise and experience to guide us to victory… or simply a beacon of hope in our darkest hour.

If you choose to join our epic quest, team up with a mate, select one of our terrifyingly awesome challenges and register your attendance! Places are limited - so hurry…

Want to know more about Hack the Future? Watch this!


Pick your battle

Select a favoured challenge from the list below. We will do our best to respect your selection. However, due to high demand and limited capacity we ask you to pick 3 of your favourite challenges

You will have 6 hours to hack your way through the challenge. At the end of the day (assuming you made it out in one piece), your team will present its contribution to a panel of seasoned industry warriors. After a tough but fair assessment, they will distinguish the stand-out performances and present those worthy with the keys to the treasure room.

Knight Moves

Service Design

We need you! ... and a bunch of other teammates to destroy this evil trend that is going on at the moment. Imagine the total comeback of Comic Sans, Word-Art, designing in Paint and PowerPoint. We can’t let this happen. But what skills are needed in our fellowship? How many mates do we need? Or how will we get even started in the first place? In our challenge, we will tackle this threat with our tailored service design techniques. These tools will help you to come up with a strong, dedicated, and skilled fellowship that will be able to destroy this evil. Creative strategies and prototyping techniques will help you to translate your ideas into concrete end-to-end strategies so that our bright design future is safeguarded.

Prior knowledge

For this challenge, you don’t need to have any particular experience in service design. We welcome everybody with a human-centred mindset, a love for creativity, and the motivation to secure our future.


Be prepared for a virtual post-it explosion for all your ideas, your laptop will be essential throughout the day. But also some physical materials such as tape, markers, and paper will be needed.

UX Design

Designers unite! We need to group and communicate fast. The evil force infiltrated the internet. We need a worldwide accessible tool to ensure structured and ‘below the radar’ communication for our design-troops. Accurate status-updates on infected websites, tips & tricks how to defeat the ancient evil,… Aim for a versatile and flexible platform. Think open, think fast and deliver a visualisation for this user-centered tool. Storyboard, user flows, screensketches,… everything is possible!

We will approach it workshop-wise. The students get some explanation and suggestion of approach. Next up they get to work themselves. We will divide the day into parts. We will start with the identification of the target group (who is our user and what characterizes him/her?), do an ideation (via a workshop methodology, each duo gathers ideas to get to a concept they will work on), translate this into a concept proposition (use a concept card to refine and define your concept) and design a user journey (what actions are taken by the users, what questions do they have, what touchpoints and expectations appear – before, during and after). You will end up with a user centered tool, the way you visualize it is up to you! (storyboard, user flow, sketched screens, …)

Each part will be worked out and step-by-step added to the presentation. At the end, there is some time to do the finetuning and lay-out.


  • some creative tools you’re used to work with. (Adobe, Affinity, Sketch, Figma,…)
  • We also will be using Miro (https://miro.com) so it may be good to get used to that?



All hail the mighty witch, all hail the 404! Join the dark side, destroy the realm. Our goal is to finish the digital realm, but we need the public’s support. We need to convince them we’re actually fighting the right battle, we need to persuade them to join the Army of Darkness. Let’s go full propaganda. Find a common enemy, design convincing leaflets/magazines/posters and think of the message we want to spread. Use community tactics and content marketing to the max. Maybe some big data and principles of the filter bubble. Will it be a heroic movie? Maybe a self destroying website? Or do we use enragement techniques instead of engagement?

  • How do we convince the people we are the good guys?
  • How do we recruit soldiers for our army?

Join the Army of Darkness, the witch, our queen, will save us all.

Prior knowledge

  • community model by SUPERMACHINE (we will explain)
  • content marketing
  • campaign/advertising design
  • brainstorming and concepting
  • communication strategy


  • Adobe or other design software
  • A laptop and smartphone
  • We will provide the brainstorm tools and materials
Little Miss Robot

Digital Product Design

The digital world is under attack from the Shadow Witch and her army of darkness. She has trusted her top lieutenant, Guthmog, with the task of infecting design platforms with foul and cursed design. Can you design a digital solution to protect the platforms? And how will you destroy or halt the spread of dark patterns? We will aid your quest by providing you with the product design methodology we use so you can vanquish this evil!

Prior knowledge

  • Interface design
  • Concepting
  • Digital prototyping


What matters is the final result not the tool you use. Pick your favourite weapon of choice: Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, Invision, .. As long as your solution slays evil!

Product Strategy

The internet is under siege! An evil design is spreading and is taking down every website one-by-one. It is your task to envision a digital application to enable citizens around the world to stop this!

Catcoon challenges you to map the biggest assumptions for your product/service and come up with a Minimum Viable Product to test these assumptions. At the end of the day, you will present this MVP and a backlog of tangible features and next steps – ready to start development.

How is it organised? The challenge is structured in multiple phases. Each phase will introduce the teams to an exercise in Design Thinking, Lean Startup or Agile development. The results of these exercises will come together in a final presentation of their MVP and Product backlog. At the end of the challenge, they are ready to pitch their idea to the jury – backed by a solid understanding of their target audience and business assumptions.

What’s the story behind it? Creating new products and services is a complex process full of uncertainties and pitfalls. How to start from a vision or high-level idea and boil it down to tangible product features? How do you choose what feature to develop first? Catcoon wants to introduce the Hackers to some helpful processes, methods and tools they use on a daily basis to transform great ideas into actual products.


  • Laptop with Powerpoint or Keynote installed
  • A free account on MIRO

Marketing Personas

Part 1:
After meeting a Whistleblower on the Dark Web, we have discovered that the self-proclaimed “One Design to Rule Them All” does not influence members within the Underground Java and .NET Communities. Hence, we are looking for ways to attract those ITers to develop a Superior Design. As destroying The Design can only be achieved through a battle with a Superior Design.

We therefore need your support to attract an Army of Java and .NET Developers, sourced throughout the wide world of digital networks, platforms and communities where these scarce and humble IT creatures are active. Use your skills to create unconventional strategies, designs and campaigns that prove to the members of the Underground IT Communities that joining forces with us will help destroy The Design.

Note that The Design lures in conventional Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, and sometimes even in Hackathons and Webinars (Beware!!). Therefore venture out and further explore unconventional World Wide IT Communities such as Github, Stack Overflow, and many, many, … many others, and find out ways to convince these IT creatures to join our Army of Java and .NET Developers.

Part 2:
This challenge will allow you to create a Persona of a specific field of ITers, such as Java and .NET Developers. To get to that Persona, you will apply market research and gain knowledge about the interests and online whereabouts of those ITers. That will enable you to design and develop targeted campaigns that could persuade high in demand ITers to change careers. Furthermore, by gaining knowledge about your IT Persona, you will be able to apply out-of-the-box marketing methods, such as state-of-the-art creative strategies, Guerrilla marketing and mindblown designs. And last but not least, you’ll steer clear from conventional platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even hackathons and webinars, but will perform research on various alternative IT Community Platforms on which you’ll launch your developed strategies and campaigns.

Prior knowledge

No mandatory skills nor tools, only the creativity and insights to persuade an audience that is high in demand. Low cost - high result? We’d love for you to use your own creativity and enthusiasm to support us with this challenge! Only side note - steer clear from social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, or often used campaigns to attract ITers such as hackathons or webinars.

Future Vision

What's behind the Horizon?
Welcome to the place beyond the horizon. The upside down - the anti-world. The collection of probable futures that haven't been killed or brought to life by curiosity yet. Still stuck in limbo between art & science, method & madness. You dove deep. Now what do you see that gets you excited? What's one of these futures that solves all or some of our problems?

In this challenge, you'll design a future you can get excited about & then reverse engineer the solution that will get us there. We'll help you ground your ideas in real, human problems - as we make things people want and make people want things. At the end, you deliver a future vision that solves the issues & the solution that will enable it - whether it's a powerpoint or an actual sketch. This challenge requires you to source both from your strategic as well as your creative side, your methods & your madness. Do you have what it takes to go beyond the horizon?

Prior knowledge

You don't need any yet all of your prior knowledge will probably be useful & if you have time, read this article


Bring whatever you think could help you bring your vision to life.

Visual Storytelling

With the ancient evil unleashed and ‘The Design’ shared to the world, a new generation of heroes must rise to the challenge. WordArt has once again become popular and is taking over the realm. Our story is becoming tainted by these visuals and a bad narrative. We ask of you to help us combat these shadows using your storytelling skills, both visual and written. But battling unarmed is a dangerous task, along with your knowledge, you can use your design, photography and video tools to help you and your partner smith the sword that is mightier than the pen. You will have 6 hours to smith this weapon and after this it’s time to see which weapon will be able to deal the most damage to the shades. However, you and your partner will not have to do this alone. Our masters-at-arms are here to support you and provide guidance should you get stuck. Good luck young heroes and may your pen help you forge a mighty sword.

Prior knowledge

  • Storytelling skills, visual and written
  • Design skills


  • Adobe creative suite or similar programs
  • Word, Pages or a different word processing tool
  • Access to photographs and images that we either own the rights to or are stock-free

04/Talent navigation

Let us guide you

When you graduate, you are at a major crossroads in your life. A brand new professional identity lies ahead of you. Our mission is to support all students on this journey and help them kick-start their careers. That's why our Talent Navigation team is available at Hack The Future 2021 to guide you on the right path. Don't hesitate to contact us and find out more!


Of the day

09:00 Welcome & introduction
09:15 Challenge briefing
09:30 - 12:30 Hack & Sweat
12:30 - 13:00 Lunch break
13:00 - 16:00 Hack & Sweat
16:00 Wrap up your design!
16:00 - 18:00 Pitch your work
18:00 Award Ceremony
Legend for decoding the schedule
  • Big TV in challenge room
  • Small PC in challenge room
  • Ceremony room


How about that loot?

No one can be expected to risk their life and save the digital realm for free. When the battle is over we promise to reward the victorious with fame and riches. We will grant you the keys to the treasure room. Graceful maidens (or courageous hunks) will sing to you as they feed you grapes and grant all your wishes. Children will read stories about you and chant your name so hard it will echo through eternity.

Challenge winner

Challenge winner

Each challenge will award a loot bag to the champions of the victorious duo. The content of this prize package will be a surprise for now but we will reveal some hints in the near future. For now you can trust us when we say that it’s gonna be worth your while!

Crowd favourite

Crowd favourite

Should you fail to win the challenge the standard way - Fear not, you can still take home the (universally desired) ‘Crowd Favourite’ award. Win the heart’s of your peers by displaying positive attitude, original ideas and inspiring execution.

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practicals and FAQ

we got you covered

We expect blind allegance of no one. If you require additional information or have (event related) queries that we could help you with - feel free to contact us via the form below. The fastest pigeons in the king’s service are well fed and eager to provide you with the answers you seek!

For the more frequently asked questions we have provided our answers right here.

Yes, you can still register to join the Fellowship of Design online hackathon. Registrations open mid March and will close approximately 2 weeks before the event. All updates about the registrations can be followed via our facebook page and instagram account.

With this second online edition of Hack The Future, there is no physical location this year. But hey, there's no place like home. I mean, where else can you walk around without pants and not break any rules?

We will provide a kickass online platform that will be used throughout the whole day. All details about this online platform will be provided once you subscribe to the hackathon.

At 9 am sharp the Fellowship of Design will kick off. Make sure you sit tight! Make sure to brew a nice cup of coffee. And who knows, maybe we’ll surprise you with something to accompany that coffee.

The winners of the hackathon are announced at 18:00 and the end of the hackathon is foreseen around 18:30.

A comfy sofa, your laptop, lightning fast wi-fi and a fully stacked fridge are a start. Check your challenge for other requirements like specific software and tools.

Cronos has a profound respect for your privacy & will never distribute nor sell your personal information. Still, Cronos retains the right to use your data for its own non-hack-the-future-related purposes. But when your name comes up somewhere, chances are statistically significant that you will be happy afterwards.

After your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Sit tight and we will let you know as soon as possible for which challenge you have been selected.

In order to make sure that there are approximately the same number of participants in each challenge, we ask you to pass on 3 challenges you would like to participate in. We do our utmost to give everyone everyone a challenge to their liking.

In the beginning of the schoolyear we organised an IT-focused Hack The Future edition: The Fellowship of Code. With this edition 'The Fellowship of Design', we invite all creative students.

Did you miss the IT-focused edition? Don't worry, in November 2021, we'll host another Hack The Future hackathon for both IT and creative students. Keep an eye on our socials.

Ask Siri, Alexa, send an email to julie@hackthefuture.be or fill in the contact form on our website. We'll be happy to help you hack your problem.


more questions?